This videowork is related to the loose working title of our project, “I just can’t say that word”.

Vic combined his recordings of my conversations with him immediately after my surgery to remove my breast cancer, still hazy with anaesthetic, and my voice replies to his earlier emails, images from my ultra sound, mammogram and my drawing to help me express the complex (perhaps its actually very simple) balance I hold between fear and laughter; reality and absurdity; body, emotion, intellect and spirit.


A practical decision, an existential one
Between fact and dream.

The project, to work with Mayu artistically during this difficult time, is generating a lot of content and as we go deeper, things are just finding their place very naturally.

In this instance Mayu talks,
I record it
I compose something
She draws something
I animate it/edit it
We talk it through several times
Between artistic freedom and conventions of taboo
We talk, each conversation filled with both laughter and tears.