Last week I was coming to the end of a hectic 3 months where I had been working and travelling non stop on projects.   From Sydney, Melbourne, Lightning Ridge, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Manchester(UK), Liverpool(UK).

I was dreaming of home being within my grasp when I received a call from Mayu.  She told me her news; Breast Cancer.  I felt shock and wanted to console her however Mayu’s voice told me that she needed something else.  I realised immediately what Mayu needed from me at this time wasn’t someone expressing sorrow, what she needed was a collaborator, someone to work with through this difficult journey.  A friend and collaborating artist that could help her live in “the present” as she put it and to focus on what she loves to do the most “make art”.

So now I find myself having just returned home yesterday, packing my things again to spend some time with Mayu in Sydney at a crucial stage of her treatment.

We don’t know what this process will uncover.  Already we have gathered a lot of material, some visual, some written, some recorded.    For me, this project is about giving something back to a friend, a long time collaborator who have given me so much in the past and contributed to my own artistic and personal growth on many occasions.  To help a journey occur between us both and for herself, personally.

Some work will be borne out of this, I hope at times that work is horrific, i hope at times the work is beautiful,  I know that the work will always be honest.

by Vic McEwan